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Conceptual image of family and adoption

Frank & Liz Ecelbarger 

Adoption Grant

The Parable Foundation will be supporting grants to honor and preserve the legacy of the cofounders' parents.

Parable Foundation will be providing an annual grant to cover up to $10K per year in adoption expenses for a family pursuing interracial adoption. Our hope is to help follow in the legacy left by our parents, and support families who will live out and demonstrate in front of a watching world the love that surpasses ethnicity and race, and the other social labels that are used to separate us. 

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We are Kyle and Stephanie and our sons are Mason, August, Samuel, and Sonny. We were the recipients of the 2022 Parable Adoption Grant. We brought home our son Samuel the day after he was born in 2021 and officially adopted him into our family in 2022. We knew very little about his background or birth family but knew God’s plan was for him to be part of our family. In the few months after placement, we learned about some health issues with Sam and had to start taking him to specialists regularly. By receiving the Parable Adoption Grant, it has helped us with his specialists appointments and helped him stay a happy and healthy boy that brings smiles to everyone he meets. It truly has been a great blessing in our life. 

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